Lydall Industrial Filtration is a global manufacturer of technical nonwoven materials and products.  With operations in Europe, North America, and Asia we provide a wide range of engineered products designed and manufactured for industrial applications.  Our products service a broad industrial market including air pollution control, liquid filtration, laundry equipment, business machines, home appliance, and automotive applications.

Lydall Industrial Filtration is a world leader in the development and manufacture of engineered needle punch products.  We operate state of the art manufacturing equipment and technologies in our facilities providing world class quality and high speed production.  These capabilities combined with our international team of technical experts allow Lydall to quickly respond to the evolving requirements of our customers – helping solve tomorrow's problems today.

Industrial textile applications require a strong understanding of material science and manufacturing processes.  Lydall operates full laboratory testing facilities with the very latest technologies in each of our regional operations.  Our extensive research and development facilities and dedicated technical experts work directly with our customers to rapidly develop engineered solutions for their specific applications. We not only provide strong application engineering support on the design/development front end of our business, we also offer a full range of ongoing support services to help our customers succeed in their businesses.  These services include product assessment, evaluation, analysis, and on-site support.

Lydall Industrial Filtration is a division of Lydall, Inc., a New York Stock Exchange listed company, headquartered in Manchester, Connecticut with global manufacturing operations producing specialty engineered products for the thermal/acoustical and filtration/separation markets.  For more information, visit